Highways England beware;  your contractors profiting (profiteering) can come back to bite you …

CMA’s prophet:

‘if you do not make peace with your past, it will appear in your present’

As we explained shortly before All Hallows Eve 2019, NSORC appeared destined for the bin and sure enough, NSORC is dead … well …  ‘suspended’ (apparently), long live …. who knows what! 

But how about Highways England trying something novel … come to drivers, fleets, hauliers and insurers with open hands and utilise a process agreed with contractors:

  • Defined Cost (£) + Uplift (%) = Maximum (£)

Defined Costs are ‘base rates’ (‘costs’ – pre-profit), they go by many names but, for now, how about ‘Damage to Crown* Property’ (DCP) rates.  A schedule exists, the Authority explained that the schedule of rates we produced was ‘DCP Rates’.  If the Authority struggles to find their copy and contractors are reluctant to release them, we can oblige. 

As for the uplift, the Authority assuring us that the rates they had secured would be applied, about 8% seems reasonable. 

‘Those who ignore their past will repeat it’

We await the Authority’s next approach to a dilemma … exaggeration in another guise or transparency and actual costs?  It appears time Third-Parties benefitted from the actions of a Public Authority whose role, after all, is to serve them! 

*following the creation of HE as the strategic highway company the strategic road network (SRN) was transferred to HE in its capacity as a limited company. Therefore, the network is no longer Crown property and they are trying to move away from it being described as such.

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