Pre-Existing Damage

In 06/2016, we presented several concerns to Transport for London (TfL), one of which was for a claim being made by their contractor for damage to a lamp post on the A2. The contractor and their lawyers were ignoring our requests for information.

The vehicle driver admitted striking a concrete barrier, damaging their car, but they stated they did not hit the lamp post.

  • A Google Street image view suggested the damage was present BEFORE the incident.
  • A Freedom of Information Act application indicated that the lamp post had not been repaired since the Google Street view image was taken

It therefore appeared the damage was pre-existing and had been added to the more recent incident. We provided TfL with the relevant information and awaited the outcome of their enquiries.

The contractor concerned is Kier Highways Ltd., a company that had ‘confessed’ to us that they were aware of staff (albeit in another area) who conducted themselves in this manner. Kier Highways Ltd explained that they had to “retrain and re-culture” staff, that a lot of them were told that if you couldn’t do certain things turn a blind eye.

But it was also apparent that the staff were not adverse to exaggerating claims, of adding damage in. we were advised by Kier Highways ltd:

we had some scenarios where Area (X) had been taught if they can quite clearly see accident damage on this side of the road, for argument’s sake, and there were defects relating to a crash, and you can tell what defects are related to, on the other side of the road but you’ve got no culprit there, but you’ve got a culprit for this one, roll that into there.

TfL responded in 10/2016 but made no reference to the A2 claim.

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