ORR threatens Highways England

Highways England faces an ongoing funding shortfall of £0.8bn and the threat of action from its regulator if it does not improve its capital planning and asset management.

ORR highways director, Peter Antolik, said: ‘Highways England is taking action to improve planning and delivery, but it must now agree a robust, deliverable and affordable approach for its long-term investment plans. Highways England chief executive Jim O’Sullivan said: ‘We have read the report and noted it makes clear we are committed to delivering safe reliable roads that deliver value for money for the taxpayer. We are confident we will deliver this large programme without overspending our budget. to read the 02/2017 report: highways-england-capital-planning-and-asset-management-update-february-2017-web

Highways England was below its target for the condition of its road surface in 2015/16 due to deterioration in skid resistance. Although road condition has since improved, it remains below target, the ORR report says.  Full article – click here


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