NSORC Transparency, Benefit and … Silence

24/06/2019: Introduction of a national schedule of repair costs for network damage (Green Claims).

  • Highways England is giving the insurance industry the benefit of the rates that it has been able to secure in a competitive market. ’
  • ‘The Schedule,  will simplify the process for all parties, make the pricing of Green Claims much more transparent.’  But …
  • ‘We do not intend to negotiate on the rates that we charge’.  However …
  • ‘We will provide a detailed analysis of the work (shifts/quantities) that were needed in carrying out the repair’.

But the 06/2019 and subsequent assurances of information disclosure to enable us to better understand the rates have, once again, proved false. 

Yet, while contractors or their lawyers present claims using this new schedule, no one appears to know how it is to be applied consistently, correctly … they simply make demands.

So we turned to FoIA … read more here


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