30/11/2017 M1 Pile-Up Blamed on Smart Motorway

Angry motorists have taken to social media to blast “smart motorways” after six lorries crashed on the M1 in Derbyshire this morning between junctions 29a and 30 at around 5.50am today (Thursday, November 30)

The serious pile-up happened when a lorry broke down in the slow lane and was struck by another HGV a short time later, Derbyshire police said. This led to several other vehicles colliding on the same stretch, which does not have a hard shoulder due to it being a smart motorway with four lanes. Smart motorways use cameras and overhead signage to control the speed and flow of traffic, increasing the capacity of motorways without the cost of physically widening them – full story here.

Delays of two hours and nine-mile tailbacks were reported at the height of the congestion.