In July 2017, Highways England responded on the WhatdoTheyKnow (WDTK) site that they were looking at Kier Highways charges.  The question posed and answer were: Q: is the contractor to […]

No Oversight or Accountability of Highways

On 22/04/2016, we posted ‘The Tail Wags the Dog’, explaining how obtaining information from some of Highways England’s contractors can prove difficult if not impossible. This followed our concerns a […]

08/01/2018 – Reported by CleanHighways: How a £17 million by-pass will end up costing us £118 million In 1996, Road Link (A69) Ltd – Road Link (A69) , signed a Private […]

16 March 2017 FREEDOM OF INFORMATION REQUEST AREA 6 AND 8 ASSET SUPPORT CONTRACTS Thank you for your email of 17 February requesting information about the Area 6 and 8 […]

Contracts Awarded for Value

11/12/2017 interviews Jim O’Sullivan, the Highways England chief executive. With regard to contracts, it is reported ‘Those contractors who are working on projects already will find that subsequent work will […]

More False Information

In January 2017, we sought an ‘Urgent Review of Highways Claims’ being concerned about the information emanating from Highways England and their contractor.  We highlighted that vehicles, said to have […]

14/11/2017 – Highways England investigates Kier ‘inflated claims’ allegations The full construction news article can be read by clicking here Highways England is investigating allegations that Kier made “inflated claims” to […]

Catching ‘distracted drivers’ is clearly doing little to prevent the issue.  It is time to do more! In a month that sees ‘Highways England targeting inappropriate driver behaviour‘ a ‘Football […]

Majority of drivers believe motorway traffic is getting worse …  Survey finds 61 per cent consider UK’s motorway network is worse than it was last year; responses tally with official […]