Midlands & East of England Road Maintenance Targets Missed

Highways England roads in the Midlands and the East of England have missed road maintenance targets, according to the Office of Rail and Road (ORR).

31/01/2019 – benchmarking-highways-england-2018-progress-report

Every region has exceeded the target to keep at least 97% of the network available
for traffic in each of the first three years of the road period. By contrast, figure 3
shows that the percentage of incidents cleared in less than an hour was below the
national target of 85% in the East and South West in the first year of the road period.
But they are now two of the top performing regions in this area, and this has helped
drive stronger performance at the national level.

The study also identified opportunities for further improvement. Some of these relate
to initiatives that are already underway, such as rolling out new incident management
guidance across its regions. Other recommendations relate to stakeholder liaison –
such as developing more consistent processes and relationships with local highways
authorities – and to ensure that local good practice and innovation is harnessed

For example, individual incidents that miss the target are reviewed routinely and regional directors receive a comparison of performance across the network.

Highways England is also leading its own benchmarking work. It is developing a
programme of regional operational benchmarking; collecting a more detailed dataset
of maintenance spending in its areas; and has completed a benchmarking exercise
of its corporate services.

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