KPMG Report Leaked?

In July 2017, Highways England responded on the WhatdoTheyKnow (WDTK) site that they were looking at Kier Highways charges.  The question posed and answer were:

Q: is the contractor to who you have given Areas 6 and 8 involved in your investigation about corruption raised in Parliament?

A: We are currently looking into allegations in relation to the costing of Kier’s claims in Area 9

Initially, we were informed Grant Thornton were to be appointed to undertake the review.  Subsequently, this was to be KPMG.  In December we were provided an update; it was possible the inquiry report would be ready just before Christmas and we anticipated an update in January 2018.  Whilst we had not been updated by Highways England or KPMG, on 18/01/2018 we received an email from Highways England’s lawyers, Government Legal department (GLD) advising:

I am instructed that (Highways England) is satisfied that there is no substance to your complaint about Kier

Surprised of learning the outcome of the KPMG inquiry in this manner, we telephoned Highways England and were informed that the above statement is incorrect.  We understand the report is anticipated to be completed next week and the content discussed in a meeting with us mid-February.  We will be interested to learn whether there is ‘substance to our complaint about Kier’; if so, why would GLD seek to convince us otherwise, if not,  how did GLD come by this information before Highways England?

24/01/2018.  No further has been heard in respect of this matter.  Information has been sought by engaging the Freedom of information Act 2000, the request appearing here. U04B286

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