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Damage to Crown Property [DCP] Claim Costs

Kier Operative Rates – Northamptonshire County Council Bargains!

Are you:

  • Want to pay as little as £11.63 / hour for a Kier operative? 
  • Tired of paying over £65 / hour for a Kier road worker?
  • Astounded that on top of £65/hour, Kier charges 50% after 5pm of a weekday – because that is what they pay their operatives?
  • Surprised operatives do not work shifts and are paid double-time of a weekend?

Is your favourite 4-letter word ‘free’?  Then you need NEW:

These costs negotiated by one of the worlds largest and most influential Authorities*, Northamptonshire County Council, are now made available to all.

Click here for your FREE copy of NCC Rates and be amazed at the savings this Authority has achieved, wonder at being charged much more and question whether profiteering is at play elsewhere!

*presumably so as they have negotiated cracking rates