Kier Highways Costs

Despite evidencing Kier Highways Ltd’s non-compliance with their contract, the exaggeration of charges and misrepresentations, Highways England declines to consider the issues.

It is apparent Highways England do not understand what their contractors charge them and are content to provide erroneous information.  A recent claim saw Highways England accept that Kier’s invoice was overstated with erroneous entries yet HE still demanded the full claim value! Ultimately accepting that our client was not responsible for the charge, we were invited to recalculate the fee! In hindsight we probably should have, both Kier and Highways England reconsidered the £14,000 claim with Kier concluding the cost should have been about £13,800 and Highways England £12,900 … it all seems to be made up as they go along.

Whilst Highways England wished us to provide the appropriate figure, they continue to withhold the very charges used to invoice a third party, the defined costs.  Whilst Highways England has the ability to compare these before payment of Kier’s invoices, Third Parties are prevented from undertaking this essential task!

For a history of Kier’s charging conduct, click here.

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