Kier Highways AIW’s £14.95 / hour in 2014

Leaked presentation slide evidences AIW’s are NOT paid the uplifts Kier have been charging Third Parties for years on 1,000’s of claims.

2014 saw Kier Highways (the EM Highways) move from ISU (Incident Support Units) to AIW’s (Asset Incident Watchmen).  Apparently this was more than just a name change for the operatives who attend emergency incidents, fill pot-holes, cut grass and litter-pick; they were better trained and this meant they commanded a higher rate.

Third Parties saw AIW’s costs increase dramatically … from about £30 / hour to £70.32* and £73.05* in Area 9.  But if an incident occurred after 5pm of a weekday, this rate was the subject of a multiplier:

  • £109.58/hr (1.5x) weekday
  • £146.10/hr (2x) weekend

It is explained to Third Parties (drivers, fleets, hauliers and insurers) and the Courts AIW’s work 8am to 5pm, that after this they are paid the uplifts charged.  Really?

As we have conveyed to Highways England n whose name such statements are made to Courts, we have been informed:

  • AIW’s work shifts
  • AIW’s are paid no more for working after 5pm of a weekday
  • AIW’s are paid flat-rate overtime

So how did things change for the AIW’s in 2014, did they see substantial pay rises and better overtime rates?

Apparently, in 2014, AIW’s were given a presentation on their Terms and Conditions and a slide from this appears above.  the content reads:

Terms and conditions:

New EM Highway services (subsequently acquired by Kier) Employment contract

Salary             £35,000 per annum (inclusive of AIW standby allowance)

Holiday 24 days plus 8 Bank Holidays (after 3 years Service 1 additional) holiday, then after 5 years 1 additional holiday up to 29 holidays

Pension Employer contributions matching Employee’s upto max of 6% of basic annual salary

Overtime flat rates basic pay (£14.95 per hour)

Call out £51.50 per call out to cover up to 3 hours and over 3 hours £14.95 per hour or pro rata rate for each 30 minutes worked

Notice period 1 months notice by employee

The information is from 2014.  AIW’s are understood to have received 2 pay rises since then.

Highways England pay less than £25 / hour for an AIW and do NOT pay uplifts after 5pm of a weekday i.e. they pay £25 / hour yet Kier claims the cost of an AIW is almost £60/hour and even more after 5 pm of a weekday and weekend.

  • Are Third Parties subsidising the upkeep of our roads or is this profiteering?

*Training costs having apparently reduced, these rates are now over £65 / hour.

Comment about ‘multipliers’ from Highways England’s General Counsel can be found here.

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