Kier Claim Costs Correction

Kier Highways Ltd & England Highways Co. Ltd. appear keen to ensure information is kept from Third Parties (drivers, fleets & insurers).  Why?

Because, we would suggest, if Third Parties knew what charges should be presented they would understand:

  • the pricing is haphazard, unreliable
  • being charged for ‘pricing a claim’ is ironic
  • they are being overcharged
  • Highways England (HE) routinely over-pay; rubber-stamp invoices for payment to the detriment of the public purse.

We recently wrote to Government Legal Dept. (GLD):

The matter you have referred to (U04B286) is unresolved though we have arranged payment in the sum of £7,051.83. We received the claim from HE but having pointed out discrepancies both KHL and HE accepted that there were errors. This claim has passed through the 4 hands (‘Kier to HE departments and then GLD). Ironically, KHL charge for ‘pricing’ yet it was obviously wrong and KHL re-priced. HE appear to be rubber-stamping invoices for payment and in company with GLD, pursuing the excessive sums without thought.
What I had not expected was for HE to reprice U04B286 too. We were ultimately presented with 3 amounts for the repair:

A. £14103.66 KHL price paid and claimed by HE
B. £13,841.11 KHL re-price
C. £12,936.33 HE re-price

Even possessing the defined costs, the base rates to be used when billing, neither Highways England nor Kier Highways can correctly price a claim. What chance does a Third Party have of verifying the charges when HE and KHL refuse to provide the schedule of costs?

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