Obtaining information from Public Authorities about contractors is far from straightforward.  The Freedom of Information Act 2000 should be of assistance but:

  • The FoIA applies to Public Authorities – contractors are not subject to FoIA
  • The Public Authorities are obstructive – some providing contradictory information
  • Commercial Sensitivity will be cited

Are you seeking information about a Highways, a contractor, processes, audits etc. or do you wish to learn what information others have sought, you may wish to engage the freedom of Information Act 2000.  A simple means by which to submit and monitor a request whilst making this known to others is by use of ‘WhatDoTheyKnow‘.  Requests can be made of Highways England, Transport for London or a Council. Some requests made of Highways England can be found on this site – click here. If you have made or have knwoldge of a request in respct of Highways, please consider bringing this to our attention by emailing – click here.