House of Lords & Highways England Enlarged Claims

20/03/2019, extract from 1489 of the PA R L I A M E N T A RY D E B A T E S (HANSARD) HOUSE OF LORDS

6.51 pm The Earl of Lytton (CB):

‘I have previously raised the question of the charges raised by Highways England and its contractors for  remedying highway defects caused by vehicle accidents on highways. I will not go into the details, but the point
here is that the sums claimed thereby from vehicle insurers—the driver’s insurance company—often bear little or no relationship to the much lower charges agreed between Highways England and its contractors.

As for the enlarged claims against insurers and inflated premiums inconsequence, I note simply that this unjustified practice persists at the hands of a government agency.’

The full speech can be found here.

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