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Damage to Crown Property [DCP] Claim Costs

Highways England & Kier Highways Agree to Increase Costs to Insurers

Kier are now charging drivers, fleets, hauliers or their insurers (Third Parties) more, but the Authority maintains ‘mates rates’ with its contractor.

It appears rather than have Kier Highways comply with the contract, something they have failed to do since 07/2014 in Area 9, Highway England has changed the rules in an attempt to assist their contractor.

As of 07/2014, Kier should have billed drivers, fleets, hauliers or their insurers (Third Parties) using a simple process, the costs were to be ‘no more than’:

defined cost or base rate (£) + uplift (%) = maximum (£)

But, from day-one, Kier Highway adopted their own process.

The agreed process, Appendix A to Annex 23. Highways England kept secret – the smalls section was hidden form those who needed it, that it was to protect; Third Parties.  Coincidentally, the Authority also failed to ensure adherence to Appendix A … or turned a blind eye to the non-compliance.  Kier profiteered by £millions.  Exaggeration and fraud proliferated. Each time they were rumbled, Kier utilised a new procedure.  So much for one process since 07/2014, Kier are now on their seventh.  The contractor, in the name of Highway England, is not averse to misrepresenting facts to Third Parties, the Courts or even Highway England … all noticed by the Authority and the National Audit Office.

So much for one process since 07/2014, Kier has engaged many.  But something appears to have worried them and/or Highways England … having ignored the contract for years and allowed Kier to abuse those the Authority is supposed to serve, claiming to have no involvement in sub-£10,000 claims handled by their contractor, the Authority has amended the contract.

Odd … having paid no heed to the contract for almost 6 years, prepared to let Kier profiteer in their name, the Authority has found it necessary to make changes …and backdated them to 01/2019.

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