Highways England – 2 Years for an ‘Urgent’ reply?

Rates that were the subject of ‘a lot of effort’ by the Authority in late 2016 and in respect of which we wrote in 2017, are finally (2019) being considered by Highways  England who is attempting to introduce a ‘National Schedule of Repair Costs for Network Damage (Green Claims)‘.  So far, 3 months, 3 versions!

Apparently, in late 2018, it was discovered these rates, the subject of 175 misleading/false replies, do not exist.  Bizarrely, all the effort put in by Highway England’s General Counsel in 11/2016 failed to identify the very subject giving rise to concerns, Damage to Crown Property (DCP) rates, did not exist.

Months later, the issues we again raised in correspondence, the subject of a meeting 21/06/2017, were the subject of more attention.  Once again, no one noted a schedule of DCP Rates was missing … or did they?

Our concerns were clearly conveyed and a copy of our letter appears here:

It appears all the more odd that the Authority is only now claiming none of the Asset Support Contracts (ASC) contains a schedule of DCP rates, just as they are taking claims in-house … possibly they need to look a little more carefully for such rates, we have produced a copy here.

Update – Highways England internal email reveals existence of rates.

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