Either someone is providing us erroneous figures or the role of a Kier Highways AIW is rewarding particularly when compared to a Highways England Traffic Officer (HETO):

  • AIW    £60,091.20* / annum
  • HETO  £28,164.40 / annum
  • *16/03/2018 – update to post substantiating the figure – click here

The above does not take into consideration that the AIW salary is for a role that does not require  working shifts but 8am to 5pm. The hourly rate of an AIW is apparently uplifted by 1.5x if they work after 5pm of a weekday and 2x if they work weekends. 

HETO salary (source 03/2018 indeed.co.uk):

after 9 months £22,637.00
20% shift allowance £4,527.40
retention allowance £1,000.00
total: £28,164.40

AIW salary (source Kier Highways):

Wages & Salary £42,822.00
Bonus & Incentives £17,269.20
total: £60,091.20

An AIW is charged to drivers, fleets and Insurers (Third Parties) at about £65 to £73 / hour, 8am to 5pm.  But because the AIW works ‘core hours’, 8am to 5pm, after 5pm they are paid time-and-a-half and Third Parties are charged at about £100 / hour.  Of a weekend, the AIW is paid double-time and Third Parties are therefore charged at £130 to £146 / hour.  


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