The Careless

 There are those on our roads who are simply oblivious to others, careless or reckless … possibly they are distracted but, as evidenced by the following clip, not only are they careless, they can be callous:

Did the at-fault driver really not see that they had caused mayhem for the person behind them?  Did they not  consider the well-being of the person they had just caused to crash and bounce into the path of oncoming vehicles?

Possibly the ‘causation’ driver was scared that they could be prosecuted, concerned for their own no-claims-bonus.  Whatever their own personal concerns, they left behind  a distressed individual, who suffered severe inconvenience and financial hardship – a driver whose car if insured TPFT (third party fire and theft) has few people to turn to in such circumstances.

Thankfully, the owner of a vehicle behind, with dash-cam, avoided impact, stopped and provided the evidence required to ensure the driver of the vehicle striking the barrier was not only believed by the police but also by the reasonable highways contractor who, on sight of the footage, abandoned their claim.

‘Swerve to Avoid’;  a more common occurrence than we likely wish to accept.