A hazard is anything that contains elements of actual or potential danger; something that requires some form of action or extra consideration above that of travelling at a constant speed on a straight, featureless and otherwise empty road.

For more about ‘hazards’ and how to avoid falling foul of them you may wish to acquire and read ‘Roadcraft’; The Police Driver’s Handbook; understand the four-phase system of car control and how you can apply it to all driving situations.

“The system of car control increases your safety in a constantly changing driving environment by giving you time to react to hazards. The system of car control is a way of approaching and negotiating hazards that is methodical, safe and leaves nothing to chance. It involves careful observation, early anticipation and planning and a systematic use of the controls to maintain your vehicle’s stability in all situations”

But of course, there are situations you cannot anticipate, you are ‘in the lap of the Gods’. Common hazards are:

Maintenance of your vehicle and concentration when driving can both help YOU avoid being the hazard that others encounter.