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Green Claims Manual Commercially Sensitive or Not Held?

Once again, Highway England appears confused about the Freedom of Information Act, what they should do, say and what they hold.  We have been presented yet more contradictory information; another case of ‘deny possession to avoid disclosure of information held’ …

Some years ago, the Highways Agency (as was pre-2015) provided us with a copy of their ‘Green Claims procedure Manual’; why not, it helped us to sing from the same hymn sheet, address claims in a consistent manner.

However, in 2015, the new Highways England secretive and obstructive regime took a different approach when we asked for the updated manual; they have changed processes but wished to keep these from Third parties.  An FoIA request for the new manual was met with:

The d2015 response can also be found on the .Gov web site.  5 years later, the Authority now (once again) denies possessing information that it previously acknowledged existed.  23/03/2020:

  •  The team indicated that a Green Claims Procedures Manual had been provided to Claims Management & Adjusting Ltd in the past, however this manual is no longer used by claims handlers when considering green claims. Currently there is no written green claims procedure that the claims handlers use as such the information you have requested is not held by Highways England.

What confidence can be placed in any information emanating from Highways England? Read more here.