Fuel Spills – Whose Fault?

A fuel spill can cause a hazard to motorists and if not treated promptly, result in costly, time consuming resurfacing requiring lanes closures further interfering with traffic flow.  Cleansing is quick, efficient and often all that is required … but being cheaper, it provides little return for a Highways Contractor.

May 2012 saw the Forth Bridge subject to almost a mile of hydraulic fluid.  This was effectively cleansed for less than £1,000.

A few weeks later, a stretch of the A20 in Kent saw a spill over half the distance.  The contractor raised a bill for £58,351.04 (P07B245).  Despite the spill being noted promptly, the contractor EM Highways (now Kier Highways Ltd) resurfaced – unsurprisingly, the bill was settled at less than half of this.

But if a spill occurs, whose is at fault …the driver, fleet operator, haulier?

Could it be that the negligent party is the contractor, the party about to profit from the repair? Click here to read more.

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