Defined Costs are NOT Commercially Sensitive

An FoIA request made to Government Legal Department, passed to Highways England Company Ltd., has resulted in the release of defined costs for Area 3.  After years of having the figures withheld amid claims of ‘commercial sensitivity’ (or similar) the rates charged to Highways England by Kier Highways have been released … and as we expected, they are a lot lower than anticipated.

M4 East-bound, Berkshire – Damage to road surface, barriers and lamp column on 28/04/15 (Your ref. U03A991/PBS), costs for:

  • AIW
  • Assistant AIW
  • General Operative
  • TM Supervisor
  • VRS Supervisor
  • Ganger
  • DCP Techical Assistant

Can be found here: April 2015 Area 3 Defined Cost

This can also be considered in conjunction with the Area 3 & 9 AIW rates released here.


  1. In 2016, Highways England’s General Counsel advised us that they paid Kier £70.32 / hour for an AIW.  Not according to the information above.
  2. the staff involved in ‘incident identification on this £66,000 claim is a single DCP Technical Assistant charged at £15.80 / hour for 45 minutes.  Conversely, on a less expensive (sub-£10,000) claim a Third Party can expect to be charged £100+.  So much for the charges being ‘averaged out’.

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