Debris Puts Lives at Risk

Highways England’s customer service director Melanie Clarke said:

Cleaning motorways is expensive and time-consuming, and it is the innocent drivers who suffer. The money needed to clear litter comes out of their pockets and they are the ones who suffer the consequences if an item of litter causes a puncture, or a collision which closes a carriageway. (source – Highways: click here). Apparently:

  • Hundreds of lives are put at risk in collisions caused by items in the carriageway, or items that land on windscreens.
  • Thousands of punctures are caused by sharp items
  • (litter) leads to flooding if drains become blocked
  • an item of litter can cause a puncture, or a collision which closes a carriageway.

A survey conducted by Highways England, which looks into the amount of litter tossed to the road side, has shown staggering findings, with an average 83 bags of litter being collected on each mile of motorway every year. The data, released by Highways England, the company responsible for operating and improving the 1,800-mile motorway network, shows that it costs around £40 per bag to clean up, on top of the hours of congestion when litter causes incidents. Source – Mansfield 103.2: click here)

Debris Only Removed When It Causes Crash? – to read more, click here

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