Daily Allocation Sheet

The DAS details the assets associated with a repair, in the case, 4 vehicles have been used for 12 hours on 18/12/2015.  They have been used in incident references 13322 and 13851 i.e. 2 repairs.  A vehicle is KY15RKA, described as a 3.5 Tonne TM pick-up truck:

However, KY15RKA was stolen in 08/2015 and has never been recovered. The tax was cancelled on the date of theft too.

How could it have been used in the repair?

The answer is, it could not have been.

We presented our concerned to Highways england and received the following response:

“I understand from Kier that this was a simple case of a typographical error by the operative completing the allocation sheet.  The registration of the vehicle actually used is KN15 (same 3 characters) and not KY15 RKA.  If you have any further queries on this case please direct them to Kier or their representatives. Regards Head of Green Claims”.  KN15*** … a simple typographical error when inputting information that is apparently passed to Highways England regularly, electronically …

KN15 *** (removed for DPA reasons) is a black Mercedes sports car … so another typographical error?  Difficult to tell, because despite Highways England responding to our original request, they  have provided no further explanation … so possibly this mysterious pick-up-truck was never associated with the claim we are investigating (13851 our ref: T07B800) … or the other claim (13322) likely paid by some unsuspecting ‘victim’?

In this matter (our ref: T05B228), the VRM WX09*** provided for the TM LORRY is that of a Honda motorcycle – one that has likely been off road for the past 7+ years.  For months we have been asking Highways England to provide:

  • Advise the correct number for the TM lorry – the VRM is for a motorcycle
  • Ascertain in how many other claims the VRM has been used
  • Provide the electronic print out for the charges associated with the claim
  • Provide the monthly costings Kier supply Highways England insofar as they relate to this matter.

To date there has been no response.

our requests to Highways England for information about this vehicle have similarly been ignored. Our clients have been charged for a specialist vehicle, a ‘kitted-out’ AIW commercial van (or similar) that carries a fair amount of equipment. Clearly such vehicles are not the 1242cc Vauxhall Agila which appears upon the incident attendance record.  An example of the Agila is here: 

Image result for Vauxhall Agila S.

Hardly the Mercedes van or Ford Ranger style vehicle the operatives usually travel in!

We continue to await an explanation.