Cost Breakdown Document … all that it seems?

13/06/2019 – Highways England again claims ‘post-Carney’ in response to a FoIA request, there are no DCP (damage to Crown property) rates for an ASC (contract):

‘As stated in our previous response there are no rates contained in the contract, or
held by Highways England, that are used in the calculation of the repair costs for
damage caused by third parties to the strategic road network’.

When asked to explain how a rate is calculated (based on the definition) the Authority instead provided a copy of Kier’s Cost Breakdown Document (CBD).  This does not demonstrate how the rate is compiled, the build-up by use of various components, to give a unit (for example, ‘hourly’) rate.  Instead, the CBD sets out the rates, the number, uplift and total.

On the one hand, Highways England states there is no schedule of DCP Rates, on the other, they produce a template of the document designed to display the non-existent rates.

The CBD is telling for another reason … it appears to be the template used to charge Highways England, not Third Parties.  The document is clear and provides the necessary breakdown to determine what rate is charged and the uplift.  There is also no mention of ‘charge rates’ because, of course, Highways England do not pay these!

The document a Third Party receives appears design to obstruct and mislead. Why have 2 such documents when the only difference should be the uplift, the percentage applied to the defined costs?

A comparison of the documents can be found here.



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