Collision Debris Removal & Tipping Charges

You’ve hit a motorway barrier, caused damage. Generally:

  1. if the bill is over £10,000 Kier Highways present the costs to Highways England who pay them. Highways England then ask you, your insurers or your fleet manager (if a company vehicle) to pay up.
  2. If the bill is under £10,000 Kier come directly to you, the ‘Third Party’ (driver, fleet or insurer).

To Highways England, on the more costly jobs, the bill for debris removal is £80.54* in Area 9.  To you, the Third Party, the bill is £294.72**.

But do Kier incur any costs for this? Almost a year ago, we asked Highways England for an explanation of Kier Highways ‘debris removal’ charge; to what does this refer and how is the debris removed? This month we received a reply:- I do not have this information, and am therefore willing for this charge to be disregarded.’

It appears Highways England rubber-stamp the expense, that there is no justification sought for the payment from the public purse on every above-threshold claim.

But why are Third Parties charged over £200 more? These are the less expensive (‘smaller’) incidents. Why does disposal incur a higher fee?  The same staff attended, provide traffic management and repair. Indeed, your bill will not identify different operatives picking up the damaged items’ as this is likely undertaken by the staff undertaking the barrier repair – those for whom you are alreday charged . That is to say, it appears you are charged twice for them.

And what of the disposal costs? How are barriers disposed of such that Kier incur a charge which cannot be explained by Highways England?

HA 112/001/SG051  Our Ref: S09C034 

** our ref: (U09C946 & U08C780)

Makes you wonder if there are actually any charges associated with disposal … or are the materials recyclable in one form or another; is there a salvage value to a bent 4.8m beam?  If not, time to consider why not … and whether someone needs to consider a ‘construction loop‘.

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