Claim Charge Chaos

A month after posting their new Damage to Crown Property (DCP) rates for Third Parties (drivers, fleets, hauliers and their insurers), Highways England has already increased many!

After years of raising concerns about contractor pricing methodologies, it is only now when we see the Public Authority taking more and more claims in-house, that we encounter attempts to address the pricing.  After years of state-enabled abuses by their contractors, the Authority wishes to put forward a set of rates that will be acceptable; seemingly, the time to ‘remove friction’ is when you have no contractor to front your battles.

The rates can be found here ‘Third Party Claims’ or more correctly, the new set of new rates now appears in the original’s stead – assuming the site is accessible, as at 12/08/2019 it was not.

Despite having seemingly spent months reviewing figures to establish a set of charges the Authority’s General Counsel, Tim Reardon, thought were ‘very reasonable’ and would be ‘surprised, disappointed if anybody disagreed’, Highways England have withheld the corroborative information we were assured would be supplied and increased most charges!

Initial attendance has seen a near 10% increase to over £1,600 and some materials almost 100% increase – just how did Highways England fail to get this right after months of work, by reference to schedules of rates?

Given the lack of consistency in, for example, ‘concrete charges’ we suspect these are another hurriedly complied set of rates that will be subject to further change – click here for more information.

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