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With regard to a request for CCTV footage, Highways England state for auditing purposes all CCTV footage requests have to go through:

Please mark future requests as “Urgent CCTV Request” for a quick response. You can alternatively contact us by phone on 0300 123 5000 (local rate call). If you prefer to send a letter, the address is:

Highways England
National Traffic Operations Centre
3 Ridgeway, Quinton Business Park
Birmingham B32 1AF

Note: we have written to Highways England and their contractors reinforcing the need to retain CCTV.  A copy of the letter appears here.

2018 update: any request for CCTV footage should be made immediately, urgently.  Highways England are not retaining CCTV footage in respect of incidents despite:

  • charging for the NCC Operator who identifies / monitors the event
  • our request for the footage to be held

Highways England advise: ‘CCTV footage available, as footage is required to be Tagged even Tagged footage will only remain on the system for 31 days and is then wiped’ (source – CRS 764436 FoI)

However, as the call centre staff state the CCTV is held for 5 days and others say ‘up to 7 days’, DO NOT delay!  It appears there is no dedicated email address or contact for CCTV despite Highways England ‘understanding’ our concerns that the ‘info’ email address is not that efficient. Our advice:

Phone, use ‘option 2’ (currently – 14/02/2017)
Obtain a reference – likely 6 figures.
To give Highways england their due, recent requests have been acted upon promptly.

15/12/2016 from the head of Green Claims (those against a driver, fleet or insurer) Highways England:

“The primary purpose of the CCTV footage is to support our business need to manage incidents and traffic flow. We retain the footage for up to 7 days.  If we kept it for longer than the 7 days which meets our business need, we would be in breach of the Data Protection Act, as we would be retaining personal information on a ‘just-in-case’ basis.  The Information Commissioner’s office is aware of our approach.  In addition storing all our camera feeds, as high quality images, for a long period of time, would be very expensive for the taxpayer.

If a road user needs a copy of the CCTV for insurance purposes, they can request this within the 7 day period, and if it is available we will give it to them.  However, if the police have requested it for an investigation, then the individual would still need to request the copy from Highways England (if it is within the 7 day retention period) – we would however need to confirm with the police that providing a copy would not prejudice their investigation.”

Highways England | The Cube | 199 Wharfside Street | Birmingham | B1 1RN

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