Balfour Beatty Mott MacDonald or Highways England False?

To Highways England:

‘It appears either the information you are providing me is incorrect or your witness, a BBMM employee, has made incorrect statements to a Judge, specifically HH Godsmark to whose Judgement I have referred you.’

In Area 10, managed by BBMM to 04/2019, the Authority say they have no price list for what their contractor will charge them following repairs to Crown property. Conversely, BBMM told a Judge there is a price list 

Who to believe?

BBMM also told the judge that the price list was not a reasonable comparison to the (much higher) rates they charge Third-Parties because the schedule was subsidised. The Authority says the prices are not subsidised … presumably, because they claim there is not one.

Given the contradictions, as the contractor says they have a set of rates and they use these to bill HE only, why has Highways England not done the sensible thing … ask the contractor for them! 

Possibly they will, the FoIA request can be found here


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