Area 10 BBMM DCP Rates

Area 10 was managed by Balfour Beatty Mott MacDonald (BBMM) since 2012.  They kept the contract until 04/2019, reportedly stating they would ‘do minimum (24/01/2013):

Balfour Beatty/ Mott MacDonald to work to letter of Highways Agency contract. Fears that the Highways Agency’s new maintenance contracts spell doom for the condition of England’s motorways and trunk roads resurfaced this week after one of its maintenance contractors ditched its planned work programme. It has emerged that Balfour Beatty/Mott MacDonald has told the Agency that it will not be carrying out the programme for the Area 10 North West region developed by its predecessor A-one+. Instead, it will do the minimum required under the terms of the contract to keep the Area 10 road network in a safe and serviceable condition. 

This early ASC (Asset Support Contract) is clearly the subject of rates for DCP (damage to Crown property) works yet there are some concerning contradictions:

  • Highway England claim no schedule of rates exist – whereas BBMM state they do
  • BBMM states the rates are subsidized whilst Highway England state they are not

These statements appear black or white:

  • either the rates exist or they do not – if they do, why are they being withheld by the Public Authority and if they do not, why has BBMM told a Judge they do?
  • either the rates are subsidized or they are not.  If they are, why has Highways England stated they are nto and if they are, why has BBMM told a Judge they are?

Could it be that Highways England do not wish us to see the rates because they would identify the vast difference between what they are charged and what they assist their contractor to charge drivers, fleets, hauliers and Third Parties?

As for BBMM, possibly they did not want the Judge to realize the DCP Rates, or ‘mates rates’, to HE are in fact a comparable set of charges as they cause the use of the substantially higher CECA rates to be questioned?

Either way, understandably we are seeking explanation from Highways England and BBMM for the contradictions – to date they have been silent on the issues.

Further information about the rates, their existence and the contradictions can be found here.


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