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AIW’s – a correction and thank you for the responses.  We may now understand …

  1. AIW’s work shifts weekdays (earlies, lates & nights) and a weekend roster (some on, some off) as part of their salaried duties. 
  2. AIW’s work overtime now and again for which they are paid a flat rate, their hourly rate.
  3. AIW’s are not paid a ‘multiplier’ (1.5x or 2x their salary) for overtime. 
  4. AIW’s do not work 8am to 5pm weekdays so are not paid more when they work after 5pm of a weekday.
  5. AIW’s are not paid double time on a weekend.
  6. AIW’s are not paid a minimum of £60,000 / year (we think it is likely nearer £40,000). 

We will shortly post information explaining what has caused the misunderstanding to arise – for example, Kier Highways have told us that AIW’s work ‘core hours’ of 8am to 5pm and this can be seen in their Insurers Guide to Incident Management v1 .  On page 4, you will see the multipliers applied to an hourly rate of over £65:


But if we have misunderstood (above) feel free to correct … please be gentle 😉 comments can be made via this site or Facebook:


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