England Highways

Damage to Crown Property [DCP] Claim Costs

£250+ per Hour to Attend an Emergency!

Is it any wonder Kier Highway’s charges are the subject of attention and audit? 

If your vehicle damages a barrier the bill is likely to be under £10,000 and this means the contractor maintaining the road likely receives no money from Highways England but must pursue the driver, fleet or their insurer (referred to as a ‘Third Party’) themselves. After 5pm of a weekday you could see Kier Highways charge you for the initial attendance:

  • £109 per hour for an AIW operative
  • £35 per hour for the AIW vehicle

As AIW’s are said always to travel in pairs, that’s a total of over £250 / hour.

If the bill were presented to Highways England the rates would be very different, about:

  • £25 / hour for an AIW
  • £16 / hour for their vehicle

Same staff, same plant, very different charges. Subsidizing road repairs, profiteering or actual uplifts incurred?  As an AIW is said to cost Kier Highways £58 / hour, if the bill goes to Highways England it appears they are operating at a loss! Why not follow the Freedom of Information Act request relating to the charges here – WhatDoTheyKnow.com … or make your own request? England Highways Facebook post  27 January at 14:15