January 2018

You’ve hit a motorway barrier, caused damage. Generally: if the bill is over £10,000 Kier Highways present the costs to Highways England who pay them. Highways England then ask you, […]

£250+ per Hour to Attend an Emergency!

Is it any wonder Kier Highway’s charges are the subject of attention and audit?  If your vehicle damages a barrier the bill is likely to be under £10,000 and this […]

In July 2017, Highways England responded on the WhatdoTheyKnow (WDTK) site that they were looking at Kier Highways charges.  The question posed and answer were: Q: is the contractor to […]

No Oversight or Accountability of Highways

On 22/04/2016, we posted ‘The Tail Wags the Dog’, explaining how obtaining information from some of Highways England’s contractors can prove difficult if not impossible. This followed our concerns a […]

08/01/2018 – Reported by CleanHighways: How a £17 million by-pass will end up costing us £118 million In 1996, Road Link (A69) Ltd – Road Link (A69) , signed a Private […]

16 March 2017 FREEDOM OF INFORMATION REQUEST AREA 6 AND 8 ASSET SUPPORT CONTRACTS Thank you for your email of 17 February requesting information about the Area 6 and 8 […]