2018 Area 9 Rates

Since 07/2014, the basis upon which a Third Party (driver, fleet, haulier or insurer) is to be charged by Kier Highways Ltd. in Area 9 is set out in Appendix A to Annex 23 of the ASC (contract).  This small Appendix should provide protection to Third Parties from over zealous contractors by setting out the formula they are to use to reach the MAXIMUM sum to be billed.

But try and find the Appendix, the ‘shield’ within the contract!

Is it coincidence that, as of 07/2014, Kier Highways adopted a completely different billing process when making demands of Third Parties and Highways England did not make the Appendix available?

The contract was placed on line, the Annexes can be found but the protection agreed for the public Highways England serve, remains hidden and Kier do not, to this day, comply with it.

The above vehicle HX14 XFP Mercedes Sprinter Hi-roof Van (ISU Spec) AIW is charged to Highways England at £13.20 / hour + 7.41% uplift (fee) of 98p, a total of £14.18 / hour.

Appendix A states Kier are to charge a Third Party ‘no more than’:

defined cost (£13.20) + TP Claims Overhead (25.29%) of £3.03, a total of £16.53 / hour

  • Why are Third Parties charged £36.91 / hour?

Why have Highways England not put a stop to this?

As for the AIW’s (above) … £73.05 / hour?  As their defined cost is about £24, this should not exceed £30 / hour.

But the multiplier is of serious concern.  Taking the hourly rate to over £100 for working after 5pm of a weekday, Kier charge this claiming that their AIW’s work 8am to 5pm (not shifts) and are paid the uplift.  We understand they work shifts and are not paid the uplift – that even overtime is at ‘flat rate’.

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