17% of Roads in Poor Condition

One in six roads across England and Wales is in such a bad state it must be repaired within the next five years, according to local authorities. The Annual Local Authority Road Maintenance survey (ALARM) found that 17% of roads were in “poor” condition.

The AIA recommends that roads should be resurfaced between every 10 and 20 years. Only London comes close to this, with the capital’s roads repaired every 23 years on average. The frequency of road surfacing in England is 55 years, while in Wales it is 63 years.

Alan Mackenzie, chairman of the Asphalt Industry Alliance (AIA), said the message from the survey was that “highway teams simply do not have enough money to arrest the terminal decline in the condition of our local roads and the network is not resilient enough to meet the challenges ahead”.

Full story at: BBC


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