Collisions, Fires & Spills on UK Roads

Information provided by Claims Management & Adjusting Ltd (CMA) to assist Third-Parties – drivers, fleets, hauliers and their insurers – involved in DCP incidents such as collisions, fires and fluid spills.

2019: Highways England ‘we have no schedule of rates for any ASC (contract) against which to check the bills presented by contractors‘ if we did ‘it would be too expensive to check them‘.

Over the past 5 years, 1,000’s of invoices presented to the Authority by highways contractors, have been paid with little more than a ‘finger in the air’, ‘looks reasonable’ approach, the Authority stating in 2019 that there is no schedule of DCP (damage to Crown property) rates in any ASC contract. 

The costs presented to drivers, fleets, hauliers and insurers should be based on the same schedule.  Instead, a higher set of rates is used and to some of these are added multipliers which we do not believe the Contractor incurs.

How did the Authority fail to spot the absence of the rates they have been battling to keep secret for years … just what are they going to produce in response to a Freedom of Information Act request – read more here.

We raised the alarm 10/2015.  The Authority failed to discover any irregularity.  We met the Authority in person 06/2017 and produced documentary evidence fo contract non-compliance, exaggeration and fraud. KPMG were instructed and we conveyed the concerns to them 11/2017 … 

24/06/2019, Highways England introduced ‘a National Schedule Of Repair Costs for network damage -Green Claims’ (NSORC) to address the past lack of transparency and give the insurance industry the ‘benefit of the rates that it has been able to secure in a competitive market‘. 

31/10/2019, NSORC fails – the timeline can be read here.


For CCTV requests – click here

02/10/2019 – Highways England & contractors reminded to retain CCTV records (click here)


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