Collisions, Fires & Spills on UK Roads

Information provided by Claims Management & Adjusting Ltd (CMA) to assist Third-Parties – drivers, fleets, hauliers, their insurers AND Highways England resolve claims following incidents on the Strategic Road Network (SRN claims*) such as collisions, fires and fluid spills.

12/2019 – Highways England Drives Claim Costs Up

Whilst we understand the feedback from the NSoRC is being considered, it appears Highways England’s management has decided upon a different, aggressive, means by which to address their poor recovery rate … issue proceedings on every claim for which repair costs have been finalised.  Read more here.

10/2019 – Highways England provides false info’ and fails to assist the investigation of wrongdoing.

A Judge finds ( and the Authority accepts), our enquiries were conducted properly, were reasonable, have a serious purpose yet we have been provided inadequate or inadequate responses and wrong information citing:

  • a contractor inflating their costs on a scale arguably amounting to fraud
  • Costs are different according to Third Parties being billed directly on the basis that the costs of the works fall below the procedural threshold
  • a lack of transparency and an inability to check costs e.g. on Staff overtime and using false registration VRN number plates.
  • Highways England failed to do that which it should do as a matter of course – comply with the law.  Read more here.

We have offered to assist Highways England put into place a process that is not only transparent and justifiable but also protects the Authority from being overcharged.   The Authority currently only recovers £1 in every £5 and is understandably seeking to improve upon this (a motive for a change) but:

  • Is this statistic surprising if there is no pre-payment audit? 
  • What conduct does this encourage?
  • It unsurprising we have yet to encounter a correctly priced contractor bill paid by the Authority.
  • Recovering payments is one approach, but what of ensuring those payments were not excessive in the first place?

A brief history to the 31/10/2019 suspension of NSoRC’ and beyond can be read here

For CCTV requests – click here

02/10/2019 – Highways England & contractors reminded to retain CCTV records (click here)


Further contractor timelines can be found here:

*the preferred description fo what was previously known as ‘Damage to Crown Property’ (DCP) claims.

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