Collisions, Fires & Spills on UK Roads

Information provided by Claims Management & Adjusting Ltd (CMA) to assist Third-Parties – drivers, fleets, hauliers and their insurers – involved in DCP incidents such as collisions, fires and fluid spills.

24/06/2019, Highways England introduced ‘a National Schedule Of Repair Costs for network damage (Green Claims)’ to address the past lack of transparency and give the insurance industry the ‘benefit of the rates that it has been able to secure in a competitive market‘.  Whilst generally insurers who are presented the bill for these incidents, hauliers and fleet operators with large deductibles (excess) can be directly affected and on occasions, a vehicle driver is pursued for the recovery of the damage repair costs.  These charges generally start at about £1,000 but can run into the £100,000’s.

We do not wish to prejudice the work of those currently engaged in a new process (NSORC) and have removed many historical items concerned with overcharging.  We are looking to the future and will provide regular updates about the new procedure which has already undergone changes and seen several claims received at CMA.  We are hopeful the Authority and their contractors will take a pragmatic approach to outstanding matters.

We have also written comprehensively to Highways England in an attempt to better understand their new process and alert the Authority to the potential pitfalls relating to the current process.  The many enquiries we have received to date and discussions with Highways England, confirm the new methodology, using a set of ‘composite rates’, is currently unclear and misunderstood.  The retrospective use of the process is also causing confusion and some concern with claims from early 2018 charged using 2019 pricing

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02/10/2019 – Highways England reminded to retain CCTV records (registered users)



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